Want to play?

Micro Ballers (age 4-6)

This caters for children from reception through to year 1.
At this age group we focus on basic agility, balance and coordination skills through fun engaging games.
Small sided competitive games are introduced with a real focus on having fun and working together.
Competition is provided within the session as they play in small sided games each week.

Mini Ballers (age 7-10)

This caters for children from year 2 through to year 5.
At this stage key skills continue to be developed whilst they are progressed and challenged.
Further team work elements are introduced as they move on to playing 3v3 basketball.
Competition is provided at this level through inter club tournaments where players compete in 3v3 cross court games.

Mighty Ballers (age 11-12)

This caters for children from year 6 to year 7.
At this stage skills continue to be progressed and developed and now practised at speed.
Competition is experienced through both inter club tournaments and local central venue leagues.
Players now compete in 4v4 cross court basketball where further team play is developed.