Content Creator Internship Opportunity

We are looking for a talented, enthusiastic and ambitious intern to join the innovative media team at Reading Rockets. This exciting role will develop your knowledge and skills in social media and marketing, gaining valuable experience working within a professional sports organisation. You will put your academic talents into practice and engage with the teams across the company, specifically within marketing, brand management and media.


  • Creation of immersive content to engage both fans and sponsors alike
  • Support the management of the Rockets’ social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn
  • Grow and expand the Rocket’s social media presence into new social media platforms as well as increase our presence on existing platforms

Desired Skills (Not essential)

  • Experience using photo and video editing softwares
  • Sport enthusiast with a passion for photography and videography
  • Excellent teamwork skills
  • Ability to work well under pressure and work to deadlines

Salary: N/A as this is a voluntary position

About the Company

The Reading Rockets have been at the fore front of basketball in England for over 20 years. The club provides a wide range of opportunities for participation in the sport and the role will reflect some of these opportunities.

The social media side of the club is of utmost importance and will allow the candidate to highlight the club in a community engaged, socially innovative, and high-performance environment.

If you are interested in joining our team, please contact Todd Lindley ( or fill out the form below to register your interest.