Rockets launch new mental health & wellness partnership with GoVox

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with GoVox to help us provide mental health and wellbeing support to all our members in the club. This includes all our coaches and players – both men and women from ages U12 all the way to our senior division 1 teams.

GoVox, a leading mental health and wellbeing support organisation, utilises technology to improve happiness and save lives in workplaces, educational institutions, sport and activity clubs. They look to harness people’s willingness to talk and engage honestly online and on social media to generate insights on a person’s wellbeing. Using a quick and simple questionnaire, GoVox gives organisations a space to regularly check-in with their teams, allowing employees and members’ inner thoughts and feelings to be listened to.

Stephanie Johnson, director of community and wellness programmes, is keen to get started with GoVox to help many individuals within our club:

“The Rockets partnership with GoVox will allow us to take that extra step in looking after the athlete as a whole person and checking in with them regularly using online questionnaires to track how they are feeling and for it to create a “happy score” for us to look at. Coaches along with myself can then get a better picture of how players are feeling and not just focussing on their basketball ability. This then allows us to have conversations, check in with players more regularly and in some situations provide further support from external organisations. Players and especially younger players should be enjoying their sport more than anything and we have a responsibility as coaches to ensure our players are happy and our environments promote this.”

We are very excited to launch this new mental health and well-being partnership and initiative.